Sit. Sip. Savor.

Behind an unexpected door lies a fine dining culinary journey & cocktail experience curated by Chef Eileen Andrade, highlighting Classic Latin Flavors mixed with Asian Influence and the art of Craft Cocktails.



Opening Act

Filet Mignon Anticucho Skewers Aji Amarillo / Salsa Criolla / Choclo

“Dakkochi” Chicken Skewers Pineapple Kimchi / Gochugaru • GF

Coconut Thai Chili Mussels Fresh Herbs / Heirloom Tomatoes

Nikkei Tuna Aguachile Compressed Watermelon / Radish • GF

Umami Butter Escargot Cuban Bread Points

Aji Amarillo Hummus Roasted Guajillo and Piquillo Peppers / Homemade PitaV

Chipotle Creamed Corn Parmigiano Reggiano / Mozzarella / Lime

Charred Octopus Aji Panca Black Bean Purée / Creme Fraiche

Beef Tataki Ponzu / Fried Garlic / Sesame Seed

Half Dozen Oysters East Coast / Aji Limo Mignonette • GF

Pork Belly Homemade Sweet Chili / Queso Frito / Cucumber Salad

Tuna Tataki Bluefin Tuna / Chili Garlic Ponzu / Yuzu / Nori

Hen of The Woods Maitake Mushroom / Pickled Hon-Shimeji / Tomatillo • V

Miso French Onion Soup Oxtail Jus / Miso Paste / Cuban Bread / Gruyere

Not Abuelitas House Salad Cucumber / Carrots / Baby Gem / Red Onions / Kohlrabi / Heirloom Tomatoes / Plum Vinaigrette • GF V Protein: Chicken Skewers, Filet Mignon Skewers, Grilled Prawns

Basic-ish Caesar Gochujang Caesar Dressing / Pork Belly Crisp / Panko Croutons / Shaved Parm Protein: Chicken Skewers, Filet Mignon Skewers, Grilled Prawns


Boniato Gnocchi
Roasted Rocoto Cream Sauce / ToastedPanko & Herbs / Parmesan Crisp

‘Seco de Res’ Braised Shortrib
Frijol Canario Risotto • GF

Braised Oxtail
Tamal en Cazuela / Chili Oil • GF

Pan Seared Halibut
Pickled Thai Chili / Haricot Vert / Black Garlic Beurre Blanc • GF

Arroz con Pato
Peruvian Rice / Aji Amarillo / Salsa Criolla • GF

Filet Mignon
Frijol Canario Risotto / Oxtail Bulgolgi Jus • GF

Gochujang Paella
Mussels / Prawns / Octopus / Halibut / Peas• GF

Seared Airline Chicken
Guajillo / Smashed Baby Potatoes / Kimchi Broth • GF

Lomo Saltado
Ají Amarillo Risotto

Hoisin Glazed Porkchop
Pea Puree / Chinese Broccoli

Steak Frites
Grass-Fed Sirloin / Pomme Frites

Whole Thai Branzino
Steamed Rice / Thai Dressing / Fresh Herbs • GF

Aji Panca Braised Pork Cheeks
Charred Carrot Puree / Pickled Kohlrabi • GF


Papa a la Huancaina Au Gratin
Steamed Rice • GF & V
Mojo Fried Baby Potatoes • GF & V
Haricot Vert • GF & V
Chili Garlic Chinese Broccoli • V

House Cocktails

Yass Queen
Haku Vodka Infused with Earl Grey Tea / St. Elizabeth All-Spice Dram / Fresh Lemon Juice / Orange Blossom Honey Syrup / Ardbeg Spray / Grated Nutmeg

Espresso Patronum
Sipsmith Gin Infused with Bustelo Coffee / Campari / Antica Sweet Vermouth

Dr. Beet
Havana Club Blanco / Apricot Liqueur / House-Made Beet Coconut Cordial

Mezcal You Later
Bruxo Mezcal Infused with Charred Pineapple / Clarified Lemon Juice / Agave / Firewater Bitters

Machu Pikachu
Hornitos Tequila Infused with Aji Amarillo / Yellow Chartreuse / Fresh Lime Juice / Fresh Cucumber Juice / Simple Syrup / Sage

Cereal Killer
Clarified Toki Whisky with Lemon, Honey, & Cheerios / Strawberry Champagne Air

Original Sin
Pisco 1615 / Alvear Pale Cream / Clarified Granny Smith Apple Juice / Fresh Lemon Juice / Simple Syrup / Sage / Peach Bitters

Sipsmith Gin / Fresh Grapefruit Juice / Fresh Lemon Juice / Fresh Basil / Tomatoes from the Vine / Touch of Sugar

Déjavu – NON ALCOHOLIC – 12
Clarified Passion Fruit / Filtered Tomato Water / Touch of Sugar

Classic Cocktails

Toki Japanese Whisky / Fresh Lemon Juice / Fresh Ginger / Honey Blossom Syrup / Ardbeg Mist

Sipsmith Gin / Fresh Lemon Juice / Simple Syrup / Crème de Mûre

Clover Club
Sipsmith Gin / Dolin Dry Vermouth / Raspberry Syrup / Fresh Lemon Juice / Egg Whites

Kentucky Mule
Legent Bourbon / Fresh Lemon Juice / Ginger Beer / Simple Syrup

Paper Plane
Legent Bourbon / Brovo Amaro / Aperol / Fresh Lemon Juice

Espresso Martini
Haku Vodka / Fresh Espresso / Liquor 43 / Simple Syrup

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