“My grandmother, Amelia, was known for her counter service and delicious cafecitos at my grandfather’s restaurants in Cuba and Miami. Amelia’s 1931 is a cozy Cuban diner with counter service, craft beers, special Cuban dishes.”

Eileen Andrade | Chef & Owner



Pa’ Picar

Peruvian Arroz con
Pollo Fritters:
Huacatay Mayo / Pico de Gallo

Bulgolgi Brussels Sprouts:
Cashews / Mushrooms

Malanga Tots:
Vaca Frita / Fried Garlic / Aji Amarillo Mayo / Cilantro Aioli / Fresh Cilantro

Havana Nachos:
‘Slap Ya Mama’ Oxtail / Fried Garlic / Chicharron / Cilantro Mayo / Aji Amarillo Mayo / Pico de Gallo / Maduros

Chicharron Battered
Mozzarella Sticks:

Homemade Sweet & Spicy Sauc

Bento Box Completas

Korean Fried Chicken:
Avocado Salad / Maduros / White Rice

Spicy Aji Tuna Poke:
Seasoned Sushi Rice / Avocado Salad / Red Onions

Korean BBQ Steak:
White Rice / Kimchee / Maduros

Fried Sweet Chili Tofu:
White Rice / Avocado / Kimchee / Arugula Salad

La Cocina De Abuela

Korean Style Frita:
White Cheddar / Shoestring Fries / Huacatay Mayo / Fried Maduros / Truffled Potato

Camarones Enchilado Jambalaya:
Wild Boar Sausage / Red & Green Peppers / Maduros /

Arroz con Salchicha Fried Rice:
Spicy 3 Chili Wild Boar Sausage / Red Onions / Scallions /
Frijol Chino / Papitas Julianas

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Eileen Andrade


Eduardo Guzman

Executive Chef

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