“My grandmother, Amelia, was known for her counter service and delicious cafecitos at my grandfather’s restaurants in Cuba and Miami. Amelia’s 1931 is a cozy Cuban diner with counter service, craft beers, special Cuban dishes.”

Eileen Andrade | Chef & Owner

“My grandmother, Amelia, was known for her counter service and delicious cafecitos at my grandfather’s restaurants in Cuba and Miami. Amelia’s 1931 is a cozy Cuban diner with counter service, craft beers, special Cuban dishes.”

Eileen Andrade | Chef & Owner



Brunch Menu

Every Saturday and Sunday 9:30 am – 4:00 pm

Breakfast Egg Rolls:
Scrambled Eggs / Bacon / Mozzarella / Maple Bacon Dipping Sauce

Miquinbin Breakfast:
Potato Wedges / Bacon / 2 Fried Eggs / Wild Boar Sausage / Aji Mayo

Saltado Breakfast:
Wild Boar Sausage / Ham / Tomatoes / Onions / Wedges / Edamame /
Aji Amarillo / Bulgolgi Sauce

Steak & Eggs Breakfast:
Yuca Frita / Bulgolgi Tri-Tip / Poached Eggs / Huacatay Mayo / Maduros

Filipino Breakfast:
Scrambled Egg & Porkbelly Fried Rice / Scallions / Fried Garlic / Fried Egg /
Avocado / Sweet Chili Mayo

El Americano:
Waffle Sandwich / Ham / Swiss Cheese / Fried Egg / Huacatay Mayo /
Sweet Potato Tots

Mimosas $6

Bottles of Brut and Prosecco $30

Lunch & Dinner

Pa’ Picar

Ham / Daily Croqueta

Peruvian Arroz con
Pollo Fritters:
Huacatay Mayo / Pico de Gallo

Fried Porkbelly:
Chicharron Crumble / Chives

Ceviche de Camarones:
Aji Amarillo / Leche de Tigre / Red Onions / Fresh Cilantro / Choclo

Chipotle Corn:
Spicy Mayo / Mozzarella / Crumbled Chicharron / Lime

Bulgolgi Brussels Sprouts:
Cashews / Bacon

Fried Vietnamese Style Wings:
Fried Garlic / Fish Sauce / Fresh Cilantro

Yuca Tots:
Pulled Pork Cheeks /
Mariquita Crumble /Cilantro Aioli / Pico de Gallo / Cilantro

Malanga Tots:
Vaca Frita / Fried Garlic / Aji Amarillo Mayo / Cilantro Aioli / Fresh Cilantro

Aji Amarillo Chicken Salad Dip:
Mariquita Scoops

Cuban Nachos:
‘Slap Ya Mama’ Oxtail / Fried Garlic / Chicharron / Cilantro Mayo / Aji Amarillo Mayo / Pico de Gallo / Maduros

Chicharron Battered
Mozzarella Sticks:

Homemade Sweet & Spicy Sauce

Cuban Tots

Sweet Potato Tots:
Chipotle Corn / Melted

Yuca Tots:
Pulled Pork / Mariquita Crumble /Cilantro Aioli / Pico de Gallo / Chives

Malanga Tots:
Vaca Frita / Fried Garlic / Aji Amarillo Mayo / Cilantro Aioli / Fresh Cilantro

Asian Steamed Buns

Pulled Pork Cheeks:
Mojo / Micro Cilantro / Fried Onions

Korean BBQ Churrasco:
Peanuts / Gochujang / Watermelon Radish / Cilantro


Pulled Chicken Salad Sandwich:
Aji Amarillo / Asian Pear / Arugula / Brioche / Mariquitas

Korean Style Frita:
Shoestring Fries / Huacatay & Korean BBQ Mayo / Fried Maduros / Truffled Potato Wedges

El Cubano:
Roasted Pork / Ham / Swiss Cheese / Banana Peppers / Huacatay Mayo / Homemade Cuban Bread / Mariquitas

Grilled Korean BBQ Chicken:
Asian Slaw / White Cheddar / Banana Peppers / Aji Amarillo Mayo / Potato Wedges

Bulgolgi Marinated Steak Sandwich:
Papitas Juliana / Aji Amarillo Mayo / Lettuce / Tomatoes /
Caramelized Onions

Bento Box Completas

Korean Fried Chicken:
Avocado Salad / Maduros / White Rice

Spicy Aji Tuna Poke:
Seasoned Sushi Rice / Avocado Salad / Red Onions

Korean BBQ Steak:
White Rice / Kimchee / Maduros

Fried Sweet Chili Tofu:
White Rice / Avocado / Kimchee / Arugula Salad

 From The Wok & Oven

General Tsao Alligator
Fried Rice:
Pineapple / Red Peppers / Scallions / Frijol Chino

Camarones Enchilado
Wild Boar Sausage / Red & Green Peppers / Maduros / Cilantro

Arroz con Salchicha
Fried Rice:
3 Chili Wild Boar Sausage / Red Onions / Scallions / Frijol Chino / Papitas Julianas

Cauliflower Fried Rice
Red Peppers / Onions / Zucchini & Squash / Mushrooms / Cashews / Frijol Chino

Roasted ½ Chicken:
Salsa Verde / Chimichurri Fingerling Potatoes

Oven Baked Fresh Whole Yellowtail Snapper:
Peruvian Chimi / Fried Rice / Maduros


Grilled Chicken

Vaca Frita

Aji Amarillo Chicken Salad


Vermicelli Noodle Bowl:
Shrimp / Peanuts / Cilantro / Bean Sprouts / Watermelon Radish / Asian Vinaigrette

Thai Kale Salad:
Red Peppers / Carrots / Cucumber / Edamame / Scallions / Cashews / Cilantro

Cigar City Brewing, Maduros, Brown Ale

J. Wakefield Brewing, El Jefe, Hefeweizen

The Tank Brewing Co., Freedon Tower, Amber Ale

Sixpoint Brewery, Resin, Double IPA

The Tank Brewing Co., La Finca Saison

Wynwood Brewing Co., La Rubia, Blonde Ale

Abita Brewing Co., Purple Haze German Lager
Barrel of Monks Brewing, The Wizard Wit, Witbier
Bell’s Brewery, Inc., Amber Ale
Bell’s Brewery, Inc., Two Hearted Ale, IPA
Boulevard Brewery Co., Tank 7, Saison 
Cigar City Brewing, Florida Cracker,

Belgian-Style White Ale

Cigar City Brewing, Jai Alai, IPA 
Ciderboys Hard Cider, Pineapple Hula, Cider
Ciderboys Hard Cider, Strawberry Magic, Cider
Coppertail Brewing Co., Unholy, Trippel
Damm S. A., Estrella Damm, Euro Pale Ale
Darwin Brewing Company, Citrus Exchange
Circa 1926, Tangerine Wheat
Founders Brewing Co., All Day, IPA
Founders Brewing Co., Rubaeus, Fruit Beer 
Goose Island Beer Co., Matilda, Belgian

Strong Pale Ale

Green Flash Brewing Co., GFB, Blonde Ale
Green Flash Brewing Co. West Coast IPA
Grupo Cervezas Alhambra, Reserva 1925

 Euro Strong Lager

Harpoon Brewery, UFO, Witbier
Hatuey, Cuban Style Ale
Funky Buddha Brewery, Floridian, Hefeweizen
JDUB’s Brewing Co., Bell Cow, Milk

Chocolate Porter

JDUB’s Brewing Co., Passion Wheat, Pale

Wheat Ale

JDUB’s Brewing Co., Poolside, Kolsch Style Ale
Knee Deep Brewing Co., Hopstar IPA
Lagunitas Brewery, Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ 


Pale Ale

Left Hand Brewing Co., Nitro Milk Stout 
Lexington Brewery Co., Kentucky Bourbon 

Barrel Ale, Strong Ale

Lexington Brewery Co., Kentucky Vanilla 

Barrel Ale, Cream Ale

Lord Hobo Brewing Co., Boomsauce, 

Imperial IPA

Lord Hobo Brewing Co., Glorious, Pale Ale 
Maui Brewing Co., Pineaplle Mana Wheat

Pale Wheat Ale

MIA Beer Co., 305, Golden Ale
MIA Beer Co., Neon, White IPA
New Holland Brewery, Dragon’s Milk

Imperial Stout

Big City Brewing, Royal Jamaican Alcoholic

Ginger Beer

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., Sidecar, Orange

Pale Ale

Sixpoint Brewery, Crisp, German Pilsner
Stone Brewing, Stone IPA
Stone Brewing, Exalted IPA
Slim Pickens, Ananas, Hard Cider

Pineapple Cider

Slim Pickens, Microphone Check, Banana Cider
The Lucky Drink Co., Lucky Buddha

Euro Pale Ale

Wynwood Brewing Co., Pops Porter

Rose, Fleur de Prairie, Cotes de Provence, France

Pinot Grigio, Barone Fini, Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy

Sauvignon Blanc, Framingham, Malborough, Australia

Chardonnay, Au Contraire, Russian Valley, California

Cabernet Sauvignon, Tom Gore Vineyards,

Sonoma County, California

Merlot, Skyfall, Columbia Valley, Washington State

Red Blend, Z. Alexander Brown, North Coast, California 

Malbec, Conclave, Piccolo Banfi, Mendoza, Argentina

Malbec + Cabernet Franc Blend, Conclave, Piccolo Banfi 


Mendoza, Argentina

Pinot Grigio, Terlato, Colli Orientali del Friuli, Italy

Chardonnay, Stag’s Leap Wine Cellar’s Karia, Napa Valley


Pinot Noir, Belle Glos Dairyman Vineyard, Russian River

Valley, Sonoma County

Red Blend, The Prisoner, Napa Valley, California

Red Blend, The Riddler, Napa Valley, California

Red Blend, Orin Swift Papillon, Napa Valley, California

Malbec, Red Schooner Voyage 5, Mendoza, Argentina

Cabernet Sauvignon, Pride Mountain Vineyards, Napa Valley




Eileen Andrade

Eduardo Guzman
Executive Chef


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13695 SW 26th St,
Miami, FL 33175
P: 305-554-4949